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It is missing alot of DLC armor's.
the dlcs have extra pages for their armor
No solaire armor, my characters life isn't worth living anymor
Best Fashion Souls in Ds2
No black knight armor :/
Blue smelter demon helm???


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Say what you will about the gameplay, DS2 has the best fashion in the series, hands down.
Gameplay is exactly where the game shines in comparison to shallow Dark Souls 3 with no gameplay mechanics.
Dark Souls 3 has way better mechanics. Better hitboxes, more fluid movement and no disgusting soul memory.
No amount of fashion (which isn't even that great either) can make it for how god-awful this dogshit game is.
Too bad you have to deal with the **** gameplay on top of praying to RNGesus for most of it
Good variety, but too bad every armor looks like plastic.
Take screenshots of Ds2's Havel Set, compared to DS3's or even DS1's (not remastered) Havel's Set.
It's not a terrible game, but it's a fact that armor looks much more polished in Miyazaki's work (1 and 2)
It does have a variety of different armors though, but i'll personally take quality over quantity any day.
I think it's funny when people even compare the gameplay between dark souls 2 and the other games. Dark souls 1 and 3 are way way more polished than this game. For example on a lore basis, this entire games story was originally about time travel, and was cut and remade countless times. Entire areas were redone last minute, and characters were swapped out. Why do you think the DLC's were actually good? It's an unfinished, unpolished main game whether you want to believe or not. Play DS1, DS3, sekiro, or even Demon's Souls and you'll get what I mean. Not to mention everything looks like trash compared to even Demon's Souls, a game made much earlier. It would make me ashamed to play Dark Souls if this was actually Miyazaki's work.
doesnt make sense bro complaining about gameplay spamming and talking about "LORE AND LOOKS" which has nothing to do with gameplay
to me dark souls 2 has quite the amount of weapons,spells and other loot and rpg level up feeling(usually u reach lev 170-190 completing the game+dlc) which makes it playable for a long time not like sekiro which quite boring to play with just 1 weapon only grinding boss fights all the time ofc the fighting is fun but thats all about the gameplay it has
demon souls was a new kind of game at the time it came out so its not really comparable but it explains why they removed endless heal items grind and changed a lot for the games after it
u should probably start playing some kings field games and see were it actually really starts


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Where were the silver knight and black knight set?
Unfortunately they are not in dark souls 2
In the good DS games.