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Very good, Bluepoint. Pay2win hardcore games. Waiting for microtransactions, proof of concord drop chances to force microtransactions, easy mode DLC, +666 rings DLC, cheats DLC.
Go screw yourself and get a life dumbass instead of complaining about something bluepoint devs had no choice about
Is it reusable?
Embarrassment to actual gamers. Pre order culture, microtransactions, lootboxes, dlc, I actually am thinking about just quiting gaming and finding another hobby. The original Demons Souls had none of this.
Im from mexico and the prices of consoles and things related to them are turning to expensive for what they really offer, im thinking like u to look for a new hobby.
Haha, this is outrage is helleries. If the DLC manages to bring in more people who can play and enjoy this, then i am for it. As if this sells enough, we may get the sixth arch stone as you know, money talks...

Also, for those of us who have actually played this, you will know that these weapons are only good in early game, and are not upgradable.

So, try and focus that outrage energy on something more productive, like getting good, and pwning the noobs who have the DLC.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH......now for real, what's the real DLC?