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This game is challenging indeed but once u figure out the monsters mechanics its not that hard. Tbh its either a very grindy game or a stab an run away repeatedly while either ganking or even soloing for that matter for pve its just timing essentially. Pvp is sort of limited id say sadly everything has to be borderline percise with wat build u want or weapons to use to actually be effective however still very enjoyable (if done right). i feel like the weapons is the only real diversity u feel which gets very boring after the first playthough and even tedious/grindy if u want to expirence that truly feel the diversity by going though the tons of hours to make a new build after ur 5 resets without glitching/cheating which potential gets u banned anyway both which also tank the game in a major way since all of online play is riddled with nothing but hacks and hack people on top of all the bs mentioned above. Graphically and cinematically the game is amazing even the story is amazing i lobe the complicated questlines that intertwine and have u jumping around about its all done fantasticly.. however its also done in a way thays very confusing and can make u miss many things in the game if not done 100% to the T the "right way" but with the combat its either all or nothing in only one direction.