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Somebody help me. I read from IGN's Strategy Guide that this is the best weapon in a game and yet I still hit like wet noodle!
Is that a mother ****ing ZeroLenny reference
best weapon in the game
Broken straight sword, SL1, calamity ring and fast rolling armor. That's the true way to play the game
How about this: Broken broken straight sword, SL1, Calamity ring, All but one clutch ring, and fast rolling armour. That's the ingenious way to play the game
No no no, How about this: Bare Fists, SL1, Calamity ring, All but one clutch ring, NAKED, and on NG+7. That's the ingenious way to play the game
Nothing more satisfying than completely destroying a gang with this weapon
This weapon is overpowered please nerf.
This is the best weapon in the series. If you aren’t using it then you aren’t playing right.
listen here fromsoft, the fact you added such a unbelievable op weapon is way beyond me. i can understand you want to apply to those filthy casuals to gain alot more players but THIS?. this is just something else im honestly furious right now and i feel like i got scammed out of my $60 (even tho i pirated the game), fromsoft this is your final warning, delete this broken weapon existence or else im filing a lawsuit so bad ill make elden ring twice as fake
B-bravo. That paragraph completely and accurately personifies the impudent man-child that has come to be associated with the fandom behind the SoulsBourne series.
Yo can someone please drop me one of these?