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Aswell if you fight him at anor londo kill the bloody mage first that will make the fight laughable
I love this for some reason fun fact if you talk to him while the cleric team is in the catacomb he will tell you that they have gone hollow and the lady is now alone in the catacombs and if you go talk to the cleric that back from the catacombs he will know that you talk to Lautrec and he will show who he really is by tellings you that ''ma lady'' is defenseless and you can go do whatever you want whit her honestly those 2 are really evil (but I like it)
Someone has an idea as of why he killed the firekeeper ?
Because he gathers humanities for his moody goddess Fina... or so he believes, also read the description of his armor and ring of favor.
First reply to your question is correct, Lautrec (major ***) was thrown in the cell because he went against the church. Apparently, after escaping he was also looking for revenge against the being the creep that he is he took the "punks" way out and killed and innocent/harmless fire-keeper Anastasia. I went in and took this #*#*# out and sent him to an unrelenting hell, where he seriously belongs for doing that evil deed.
Lautrec seeks souls. Every soul used to kindle a bonfire or restore your humanity goes to the firekeeper. That's a decent sum to pick up
Anon 2 I thought patches trapped him in that cell or something of that sorts
Can be defeated quite easily. Attack him once and he gets up on the edge of the cliff asking you if you are sure. Kick him and he falls to his death. Reload the game/exit area, go down below and get ring. easiest boss in the game.
Never considered quitting and reloading instead homeward bone and trekking back to the area. Does that work with snuggly?
He's not a boss, he's an NPC
Playing the Remaster and when I invaded Lautrec I could use Estus Flasks just fine.
Interesting. Played on Prepare to Die version today and could not use Estus.
Yea tuff guy............trying playing regular DS1 . You're invasion efforts will be seriously "blown" due to fact you can't use flasks during the fight........try that tuff guy!! Show some "backbone and courage"....this is a real mans game.
Yeah you can use estus during all online play in the remaster. In the original phantoms couldn't use estus. They had to use humanity or goddess favors or miracles to heal
Gotta love how one of the replies is an idiot boasting "git gud" gatekeeping rethoric. Bet is the same kind of guy that has only ever ran Master Key + Strenght build w/Havel's & FaP
I recently picked up Dark souls, and am currently doing my first run with the master key. And well I learned the hard way that this golden ****** killing the fire keeper, is not triggered by defeating a boss like I original thought.
He is supposed to kill her after Quelaag.
if you kill him can you still summon him for the gaping dragon?
nope! but he isn't good in in that fight anyways...
I mean... he's dead...
Not sure how much help you think a bruised and bleding corpse would be
I have something very interesting to report. Let me know if anybody else has seen this!

I started a new game. I went to blighttown immediately to get the chloranthy ring and the fire keeper soul. I did NOT kill Quelaag. I then went back to firelink, and proceeded as normal through the burg and parish. When I got to Lautrec's cage to free him, he was not there. The cage was closed, and I couldn't open it with the master key. There wasn't even a prompt.

I tried to quit/reload to fix it and nothing happened. I then just decided to kill the Gargoyles. When I got back to firelink shrine, Anastasia was dead. She dropped her normal loot. I have never seen this anywhere. If somebody can explain this, do so!
So you got the Chloranthy ring and the firekeeper soul from blighttown, and then went through undead burg and parish. Did you pick up the firekeeper soul in undead parish? That might explain why. Same thing happened to me a bunch of times. Picking up both firekeeper souls from undead parish and blighttown causes Lautrec to go and kill Anastasia.
same **** happened to me basically and I want to die
Same happened to me I was like wtf
Ok weird glitch, I've managed to cheese kill him in his cell (jump attack zvihander or whatever it's called) and he dropped his loot, I can see it, problem is is he died out of reach and for some reason it won't let me unlock his cell door after he is dead, I have both master key and mystery key but there isn't even an option, I don't really need the humanity but permanently losing the df&p ring will suck majorly, is there any way to fix this? I've tried reloading with quits and firelink bonfire, nothing works, please help.


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Same thing happened to me. If you want the fap ring trade the xanthous crown with snuggly.
Hey, just wanted to let people know I had a (small) find, if you miss the opportunity to "tip" Lautrec for information (if you say "no" when he asks, you can't prompt it again from what I could see), go and talk to Oswald of Carim, he will tell you to talk to Lautrec, then the next time you see Lautrec he should offer the tip again. I did this just today as I was bummed I missed all the lore talk related to that from Lautrec and Petras, and from what I read on the net several people seemed to think if you miss the opportunity, there's no way to get it back