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I accidentally used her soul to upgrade my flask, can I still revive her? I feel really bad doing this


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No, that's not possible. Only on the next playthrough.
Her soul was used for a good purpose, she does not blame you
I do. You used up an innocent woman's soul for your lemonade to be a bit fizzier. You monster!
DS3 die the Fire Keeper so much better. This is just pathetic.
improve your grammar before saying anything
The grammar is fine, it's the spelling that's the problem.
I wish this game was more clear sometimes. I know they wanted to make this unforgiving and stuff, but sometimes it's just annoying more like lol. Like they just wanted to troll people XD. "Hey, let's make Anastacias soul have the exact same name as normal Firekeeper soul and give no warning when you are about to use it. Let's see how many idiots will fall for it! Because F you, welcome to Dark Souls." XD
who reads descriptions anyways right? :)
The sad thing is that there's 21 of your kind who agreed with your stupidity
This game is an accidental success. Whenever something is broken, idiots will say it's "design filosophy", when it's half bad design, half adding Kaizo mechanics.
It's not after you ring both bells. I made my way through The Depths and Blighttown, but before fighting the boss I decided to go back up to buy some more arrows. When I got to firelink, she was dead, despite not ringing the bell yet
OP here and man do i feel dumb for not seeing the " or pick up the two Fire Keeper Souls" part
u must have collected firekeeper soul from undead church and blighttown..that is also the trigger for lautrec to kill her
It’s when you pick up the firekeepa soul parish btown that makes him keel her duhhh noob
How did Lautrec of Carim kill her?
you see, he actually has these things. They're sharp metal on the end of handles. They're called swords. Neat, right?
Actually they’re called Shotels, libtard



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It is worth noting the Lautrec's trigger to kill her is picking up both the fire keeper souls from the parish, and blighttown, not ringing the bells of awakening.
The Firekeeper Soul greed gets us all
ringing the bells also causes him to kill her, i rung both bells before i realised there was another fire keeper soul in blighttown and she was dead before i went back and got it
The reason she can talk to you once she’s been given her soul back is that her resurrection restores her tongue as well as her life
you're right buddy :)
**** this game and the bull**** it pulls with unknown mechanics
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I can’t blame Lautrec for killing her, this npc is boring as hell.