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I don't understand why people like her she's just an optional boss who tells you to leave as well as not fitting in with the world
Answer one: Fuzzy gril. Answer 2: Feet
Another answer bunch of lonely horny perverts
Pretty sure she is why Gwyn's firstborn, aka the Nameless King, presumably Sen, is banished and removed from the annals of history. The theory is that he betrayed mankind by joining the dragons but I gather the dragons were mostly gone by the time he was banished so I think he probably just ~~banged~~ soul-bonded one of the last ones or maybe the wyvern he flies in on.
Just no, this thing was made by seath messing about and the nameless king was removed from the annals of history for saving the rest of the dragons
I try taking this woman seriously, but then I see her feet and my peepee gets hard. My GF looks at it in disgust and shuts the game off. :(
Imagine having a GF who doesn't indulge you with her feetsies lol
Seems this acursed undead has more problems than just undeath. Someone has a real disgusting fetisish.
Yeah feet are overrated. Consuming puke is where it’s at ( :
Ok but is it even possible to one shot her? She has 2300 hp!
You can one-shot NG+7 Gwynn
She is really easy to beet with nato the gravelords sword 1 or 2 hits and she's visible again
Press R1 to touch fluffy tail.



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r1 for pet
How does one become a simp?
No mercy for the furrykind