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I hope Friede is getting #%$@ in hell.
Pretty sure the father is banging the cauldron on the ground prior to you entering the boss room and that's what players hear by standing next to the statue. Not him using the flail. He is tasked with monitoring the sisters flame, once he sees that he can't put the flame out he feels that he has sinned or error and request the flail to punish himself.

The sister stated it wasn't his error but a lost ash that has become the cause and that she will take care of it and save him from self punishment so just avert thyn eyes.
Sister Feet and Large Father
The first cutscene makes my peepee hard ( :
really cool fight, but screw phase 2. Big Daddy should be a separate boss so that Friede can be a great 1v1
summoning gael made this so much easier. I thought he'd die before phase 3 but I somehow beat her on the first summoned attempt. honestly wish I didnt summon him lol
i just cam'st in mine pantoons