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weak to fire??? tf u talkin' about they're way weaker to bolt
Is that my graduation photo up there?
Absolutely criminal that we can't wear their graduation caps.
I recommend dodging backwards for the attack that stretches up then forwards. They track very well so dodging left or right even while the attack is slamming down has shown no positive results for me. I have concluded that dodging backwards and sometimes forwards ('shocking') is better than left or right
This is some Junji Ito*****. Orphan of Kos is too (The Thing that Drifted Ashore)
These boys remind me of the thugs in fountainhead palace
they did reuse these slime's model though.
Kinda sad the lecture building didn't have a scripted part where one slides under a closed door
he once was a scholar - now he's slime!
My favorite farm, just enough EXP. Also my per-run superior farm.