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I forget about these guys every time I make a new character, and once I reach Loran, I'm caught off guard all over again by the twitchy walk-sprinting
these things were literally made to ***** you over, they're fast as*****, they can one shot or spam attack, and they have a *****ton of health?? god I hate these, especially in cursed dungeons also I dread that scream
"I dread that scream". Horror done right. Go for the parry, and you better not miss.
I first met one on a staircase next to a bell you can ring. I rang it once and got some regular enemies to come up the stairs that I easily killed. Then I rang the bell again to inspect the animation and sound. Then suddenly I heared that goddamn scream and saw it run up the spiral staircase stright at me and jumping, taking away half of my HP in one hit.
Male or female though?
Or a different question, is madman the official name or is it labyrinth sage?
I'm fairly sure they're male
Why does getting b!tchslapped with a corpse hit harder than semi truck sized beasts slamming into you at half the speed of sound lol.
I really get goosebumps whenever I hear that scream or see those mf near the lever or the coffin room. The only mob that almost make me***** my pants - they are *****ing fast! next thing you know you've respawn at the nearest lamp. I tried shaman knife on them once and he killed every enemy in the room including the BPS (mob).
I would die to any other enemy but these guys, dying to these guys seems like the worst death ever.
Winter lanterns chewing your face + frenzy while you can only watch and not move is worse imo
I just had the funniest event happening. I was going through a Chalice Dungeon and heard it's piercing scream somewhere but couldn't quite tell where. I then proceeded to move on only to be Jumpscared by this guy running from the next corner to me. I had no time to react and what did he do? He kicked me... Yeah... He scared me just to kick me in the knee with his stubby leg. I immediately killed him and couldn't stop laughing for the next 3 minutes. The disrespect on this guy was as strong as a Ganondorf side kick in Smash bros. Simply amazing!
Holy **** I just had the scariest moment with one of these Ozzie osbourne looking asses. I walked into a room with one and stopped facing it, not thinking I aggroed it. I turned the camera around to check for enemies then turned it back around, expecting it to still be sitting down so I could get a visceral AND THE DAMN THING WAS STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!! I swear, chalice dungeons have some of the best scares in the whole game.
I call him 'twitchy'