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where are the icebourne augmentations?????


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Updated for Rarity 11 - Hope it's accurate for you guys.


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Thanks a bunch for adding all this Iceborne stuff!
can we also get a list of custom mods on the page ? and how high the level goes
To help win materials:
***** this gigantic and painful grind to augment your gear, this is insane, you need to kill so many ultra powerful monsters (tempered Rajang, temp. Nergi) to actually make your gear a bit better. ***** this, just gonna cheat, i don't have the luxury to play 14 hours per day and on yop of that, pray to RNG bull*****
the only things you have to farm 14 hours per day for are the rarest jewels
The point of the game is to grind and enjoy the hunt. Less ye be a Speedrunner and even then nothing in the game is too much of a pain to get. All you have to do is play it and let it happen. The game knows when you want something, so dont want for anything and just play man. I got all the jewels and gear i wanted by just enjoying the game. They'll keep adding harder monsters and funnier things that the grind will make even funner. Also you dont need to spend hours to grind. But a tip to make it easy for you, aim to lvl up your palico and get all the side quest out of the way for it(Not hard and even helps you learn the maps).Then just solo or duel hunt only, dont go into 3-4 hunter runs, that only ups the time you have to hunt with gain offset not being as good.
There is no direct advantage of those augmenatations. You can play every content without augmenting your weapons and getting your first 1 to 2 augmentations which might be helpful isn't as grindy as you say it is, normally you only need to do 2-3 different tempered monsters to get 1 or even 2 weapons augmented. Yes if you want all the smaller augmentations and some of the slot upgrades it might take a lot longer, but this is by far not necessary. And if it would be easy, we wouldn't have something to do after around 100 hours of play, which sucks for people who really want to play this game a lot.
git fookin gud mate
You were going to find an excuse to cheat no matter what amount of grind you faced, enjoy removing content and complaining there's nothing left to do.
Not to mention the absolute aids that is farming lures, and the fact that there's rarely someone with an SOS for the monster you're looking for
guess u never farm for augmentation on base MHWorld
That, my brutha, is RNG hell
This one is much better imho. Coz u knew where to get things
Both the lures and the items, apart from the stones can be augmented. The only thing that is too grindy is the fact that at mastery ~lvl60 you realise that you want to be lvl 100 to be able to fight tempered elders, and you have to get to lvl 100 which I did in a few days, apart from that, if u dont want to play the game then don't. I got the region levels up really quickly, u just need to know what monsters to hunt, and the ones u cant get to lvl 7 u can just ask a friend to do them for u or u can just go into an sos and ask for the monster to be summoned. I needed to go into a single match and people were really helpful so u cant say ppl refuse to summon such monsters.
hyperlink for Tempered OilShell is missing a + at the end
Imagine if there wasn’t a wiki, you take a guess on which areas of the guiding lands to grind for and after a month of so you get 3 areas to lvl 7 just to realize temp Rajang only spawns tempered in lvl 7 volcanic region, which you have at lvl 1
A month to get 3 areas to level 7? Are you killing 1 monster a day?


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@anon: Probably farming materials, bro. No reason to get passive aggresiv. And yes, the way the Guiding Lands are designed is off for monsters that can spawn everywhere while still having a "silent home" where they can become tempered only.
tempered gold scale page missing
link to silver scale is missing..
hunt silver rathalos in guiding lands
Is there a limit to how many times you can augment certain items?
Technically, no. You can have a maximum of six slots in any one given weapon. Different upgrades require a different amount of slots. For example: A rarity 12 weapon takes 3 slots for level 1 life steal, however requires 5 for level 2 life steal. You can however roll back these upgrades if you feel you would like something else, opening slots that were once occupied by a different augmentation.