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I still don't have a clue.
I didn't understand this in the original and I still don't understand it. I would have paid double for the PS5 version if they had just removed this awful game mechanic. One little mistake, one little oversight, and you might as well delete your file and start over. Terrible.
Besides PVP it's the most important System for long term motivation. and to be honest it's fairly easy to manipulate.
For those hwo are unsure:
kill yourself after every boss kill in the nexus.
at the end of every archstone the whole world will be pure white. you can do every white event know.
after that you may change the world towards black simple by dying in body form or invading other players.
you can now do all black events
Maybe you shouldn't be playing then if you can't understand simple equation.
Is world tendency still impacted by online server average in the remake?
I wish they just patched in +3 +2 +1 0 -1 -2 -3 below their tendency symbols. You can easily tell pure white and black but the rest? pfff
The info about the Red and Blue dragons increasing world tendency is total ****. Spent an hour killing both and got nothing.
What does revive Phantom player mean? If I successfully help a summon does that count? If I use stone of ephemeral eyes does that count?



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Revive a phantom player means you summon the player to your world and use the "resurrection" miracle on them, or you do the boss and they live through and regain their body.
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So for PBWT all one needs to do is die in Human form and kill the PWWT NPC that appears. Good to know. I guess, from a collections point of view, this would be best done on the last boss of each world, since doing so seems to make everything that little bit harder.