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Honest truth: I think Willem should have been a boss fight. Imagine what sweet tricks that chair can do.
es verdad
This comment aged well lol, there’s a youtuber called Lance McDonald who found out that Master Willem used to be a boss fight, there’s some scrapped attacks and a AOE through the debug menu, I suggest you to watch his video
If you hurt him but don't kill him, or say, throw a pebble at him, it sounds like he's chuckling.


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Does anyone else find it a bit odd Willem, the head of Byrgenwerth institution, drops Madman's Knowledge opposed to Great One's Wisdom?
It's because he's smart enough to know when to stop.
In older versions of the game, Charged attacking Willem’s back with the Ludwig Holy Blade will literally get him to T-Pose.
I kind of get why Laurence left..."Master, don't you think we have enough eyeballs, the whole place is full of them." Wilhelm "BRING MORE EYEBALLS!!!!" Laurence".......Im out."
On my first run: "Finally, I reached Byrgenwerth, now hopefully meeting and talking to this guy will explain wtf is going on here" Master Williem: grunts and points at water
A provost is the vice president of a college. So who is the actual president of Byrgenwerth? Rom, maybe? Everyone seems to treat Willem as the head of the college, but that can only happen when the actual president is gone.
That’s actually not universally true - there are some colleges where the provost is the highest ranking position at the institution. Presumably Byrgenwerth is one of these.
There are no colleges where the provost is the highest ranking position. The provost is a title specific to being under the president.
the original academic use of provost was to refer to the head of a college. You are talking about more modern use.
Ngl, felt kinda bad killing him. Kinda like Micolash, he did achieve great things, and was a genius, spending their entire lives working to achieve this knowledge, all for it to shatter their minds, and have some random dude come up and kill them suddenly.
Me personally, I believe you're putting the poor man out of his misery. The night is long.. he deserves his rest
Ok he has the cordyceps thing... So all this nightmare is the one from Joel, or Ellie? I am lost in the lore...
"Byrgenwerth... Byrgenwerth... Blasphemous murderers... Blood-crazed fiends..." He's a genocidal maniac like all the other "Scholars" of Byrgenwerth. I kill him every playthrough, as payback for the people of the hamlet and the poor wizened child.