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Does anyone have any idea what total armor values even mean? Like, what does 200 armor do as far as damage mitigation? The number means almost nothing without context.
I believe 200 is 33% and 300 is 50%
It tells you on this page:

Armor - determines the overall value of the player's defensive armor. The higher this number, the less damage a player receives - in general, every 6 points of Armor provides a 1% damage reduction.
I hope armor are more useful in this game than in souls.
Melee weapons can crit?
Yes you can also crit breakableslol
I see another status effect in the advanced stats which is frost but idk what enemy or what weapons do frost
next dlc has some frost weapons
The mitigations of 6 points equal to 1% has to he way off because with my 464.3 ÷ by 6 = 77% then add 15% for my ring of aggressors bane and another 15% for my scrapper armor so I have 107% dmg reduction and i get 3 shot? How does that work also its melee dmg no element
after some point of armor stacking it's stacking effectiveness becomes lower and lower so that players won't be able to gain 100% maybe try some elemental resist mix also % dmg reductions from other sources will have some kind of order so for example armor-> dmg -> ring15% -> dmg -> any other buffs i guess -> dmg u receive in traits u have perk that buffs ur armor effectiveness and %bonus armor (there was a tree on earth the big one that gave u trair or necklace depend on what action u chosed)
"Armor supposedly works as "damage reduction = (armor / armor +100)" or "1/(armor/100+1) = damage taken" so higher numbers affect it less obviously than the first amounts you get" the only thing I've found so far
Trinket dmg reduction is not cummulative with armor damage reduction. The incomming dmg will be reduced by one of both values, and then by the other. If you are hit with 100dmg, it will be reduced by armor to only (100*0.33) 33 damage and after that to (33*0.85*0.85) around 24 dmg.
Damage reduction is not addictive, its all multiplicative so you cannot go over 100% at any point
What all considered elemental damage
I was theorycrafting with the new letos armor and I can get up to 100% incoming damage reduction.

There's no way the game will actually let you mitigate 100% of incoming damage, so is there a cap?

At what point is stacking reduction useless?
Anyone have the actual equation for damage reduction? I'm trying to figure out how little damage i would take when i'm using +19 Leto's, Twisted Idol, and Alchemist Jewel
i have over 730 armor so i think that the equation above is a little off because i still take damage (unless it applies the damage reduction point by point rather than adding it all together)
or, you know, has diminishing returns.
which would still mean the equation above is wrong.