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sacrifical sword << This weapon I saw in the loading message. // Does anybody know?


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spatium axe too
The Spatium Axe is in the area you get to when using the Arctic Ocarina at the Gate to the Other Side in the Catacombs. From were you start you need to head left until you find a stone that can be moved with the Breath of the Goddess. When you moved the stone drop down the ledge and double jump or air dash immediatley to the right. Just below the ledge to the right is a platform with a chest. Don't drop down completely as that will mean certain death because you'll be trapped in an area full of spkies with no way out!
Missing Northwind, an axe found in the first ship you enter coming from the Wasted Warehouse lantern. After you get in, and manage to lower the wooden cargo dont go up the (broken) stairs, slide under them, and you'll get to an area with some slimes and the axe's chest