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30/30 (INT/FAI) with +10 Pyromancy Flame gives a 144 AR boost.
156 AR*
+3 Pyromancy Flame gives 92 AR.
The guy at the bottom is correct, I just tested it myself on multiple weapons, at 30/30 its 156 AR, and 40/40 is 189
The buff lasts for about one minute and thirty seconds (1:30)
So it’s 90 seconds.
what other spells infuse your weapon with an element like this one?
Magic Weapon, and its Great and Crystal upgraded variants, add Magic damage, scaling with INT.
Sunlight Blade, Darkmoon Blade and Dark Blade add Lightning, Magic and Dark damage respectively, but scale with FTH.

Bit late, but if you were still wondering here you go.
+ Blessed Weapon actually adds physical damage to your weapon, and Frozen Weapon adds frost build-up. Really shows there's more utility with Miracles regarding weapon buffs, while Sorcery grants only added magic damage and frost build-up. Not sure if Hidden Weapon counts.
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I can't seem to work this spell on Gundyr's halberd.
Because boss weapons can't be infused or buffed
You can not apply any buff (whether it be infusion or spell) to any type of weapon that is either a boss weapon or special weapon. The halberd you have is a boss weapon.
Boss weapons can't be infused without dartcasting or forcecasting.
Splitleaf can be infused and buffed if you're looking to go that route.
I buy this but I sale it from mistake, so I is any way to buy it again??
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This buff has a very long duration if not the longest in the game, which makes it pretty interesting.


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I like how you can use it PvE in combo with a simple-infused offhand weapon. Doing so, due to it's duration, you recover all the FP necessary to cast the spell while it's active allowing you to basically keep the buff on permanently.
Will this work for my edgy Abyss Watcher cosplay?
Cant buff boss weapon (example: abyss watchers great sword)
Im pretty sure theres a glitch where you can do that but not normally
Glitch was patched a while ago and isn't easy to pull off.
Still works with the bow glitch.
Great for low level/Sl1!
99 Int/Faith ~ 9000*C knife
1. Wooden Hammer 2. Put it on fire 3. Die because de wooden hammer is not good.
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