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2 less stability than a max Crystal tower shield, but with a couple better resistances and, well, durability.



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This is much more worthwhile than a Crystal Tower Shield +5 because you only need to ascend a +10 shield, and it doesn't break permanently after a few hours of using it. 2 extra stability is absolutely not worth it.
its EPIC, suddenly fight against Stone Guardian in Royal Wood becomes manageable
or simply just farm a black knight sword and one hit them



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you probably mean the BKUGS b/c the BKGS does minimal damage against the beefy guardians, or you confused the stone knights and guardians
sorry my mistake, ive confused the sotne guardian for the stone knight
I two hit the stone guardians with a BK sword. Let them wake up. Two hand hit them twice and they fall back down.
my god
havels shield is the best the only negative is the weight..


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And the STR requirement...
tbh i feel like havels sheild is worth the investment for me because im doing a build heavily focused on strenght but also light armour. i dunno how good the build is but i like it. its just me using the lack knight greatsword+3 , the black iron greatshield and the gold hemmed set. im kinda just grinding for 50 str by helping people out in anor londo because ornstein and smough give like 20k souls. this is my first playthrough so i need to know if my build is good or not
I've done a couple pure-strength Greatshield/Greatsword builds before. I say it works, but the overall feeling of accomplishment is different.
havels shield is the best in game...
It depends on the build my man.
Better than havel' s
Hands down, best PvE shield in the game. This thing no-sells Havel's 2 hand attacks with only minimal stamina loss.
How can you use the soul of Sif like that? Her soul was always with me, right to the end of the game.
You just need a Shield upgraded to +10, then go to the gigant blacksmith in Anor Londo and choose the option for mod the weapon.