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This guy one shotted me on NG+5. I fear this guy now never summoning him again. And if you have managed to get a riposte, he just uses warmths ;__;
Thank god for this mthrfkr. I'm on my first playthrough of ds3 and figure I'll summon him to lend me a hand with the big crabs just for kicks. We're fighting the first big crab when an AI invader shows up, Hodrick one shots the dude (lmao). 5 seconds don't even pass before a blue phantom shows up that turns out to be a friggin mad man. Couple of moments go by and I get invaded by yet another player.
I've got: Hodrick, a madman player, an invader player, a pissed off mega crab with a bunch of little crabs, and me in this free-for-all gang bang. The ONLY reasons why I survived was because Hodrick is a fking bamf who the other invaders were afraid of and I dance/rolled around him to keep them off of me. He literally saved my ***.
10/10 game 50/10 npc. would summon again.
Haha, you know how to deal with Hodrick. Nice!
I made this in 4 runs: at NG 2, SL 35, weapon +4 summon Hodrick and wait some invaders. Is fun as hell.
When the mad man dissapear i use rapport on strong enemies, is cool.
The knight behind the slaughter lol
Hit me harder daddy
This npc is literal cancer and can oneshot you if he parries you. The only tell for this is that he equips his shield. Thanks From Software for creating parry AI apart from the headless scimitar skeletons
If you hate Hodrick so bad, you can choose Young White Branch as your burial gift. For those not aware: the YWB starting gift is the same one the Giant Archer gives you, so you can start the game immune to his arrows.

When you get to Hodrick's spot in Undead Settlement, you run past him and the machete enemy, jump onto the island with the Undead Bone Shard and let the Giant clear the area, then go back and aggro the machete and/or Hodrick. The Giant won't shoot Hodrick, but he will path off the ledge to his death, giving his currency and Vertebra Shackle.

Cheap yes, but effective if you don't want his artificial "PvP" experience.
I just bit him at SL6 no weapon upgrade.
(WIP, poison, a bit of poop and alluring skulls)
Best of luck
P.s. on the final fight with Dorris.
never knew you could bite people in this game. time for some vampire build!
It’s funny watching him destroy invaders in crucifixation woods on ng +++
Just had an offline NPC fight club. The contestants:

Hodrick the parry king.

Yellow finger the little finger.

Eygon the wrathful.

Yea yellow finger died immediately to hodrick, eygon put up a good fight! Then died. I back stabbed hodrick with great axe.

We’re all mad here ( :