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Also known as "Easy Mode".
Tried this in my second run, most mobs died with 1 hit.
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please add the LEGEND to relevant videos
"wt ring u got bithc?"
-some idiot
Rolled a bandit and cried a little for leveling d*x to equip this beautiful sword.



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For whatever reason this has a 70% damage reduction when blocking.
How to use this weapon: R2
correct. absoluteley destroys the npcs after artorias crest.
Can you use resins on it? I recently started the game, so I want some information about this
I believe you can if you don’t infuse it with an element.
Yes you can, as well as any other weapon upgraded with normal titanite. As far as I know, dragon bone fist and the silver knights gear are the only cases where this isn't true.
At first I was very skeptical about this sword but after using it for a while and getting used to the moveset I don't want to take it off. Of course, it is anything but optimal when fighting in confined spaces (for this I use the parrying dagger or Pierce Shield or lure opponents into open terrain). But the most satisfying thing is still to turn everything and everyone into pancakes with a peppy two-handed R2. But shhht, don't tell anyone I leveled dexterity.
Why does it say "regular" attack, you would think that a rolling attack would be a stronger R2 attack, but you end up doing a trust, why?
European swords that were mainly wielded with both hands were called "Zweihänder". The variation ranges from the hand and a half sword and late medieval long sword, which were not much larger than classic one-handed knight swords, to the mighty Renaissance "Bidenhänder". The first two-handed swords appeared in the High Middle Ages, but this type of sword experienced its heyday in the late Middle Ages. Another name of this great sword was "Gassenhauer" (Alley Beater). The Zweihander was often used like a lance in narrow passages and alleys.