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this sword has seen my kind
Time and time again
every fleeing man must be caught
Every secret must be unearthed
and you can get it by pushing a guy with a shield
New users should note that the weapon art buff counts as a swing as well. It does good damage, isn't too slow, has a wide sweep, deals decent poise damage, has a small lingering fire effect, and costs FP instead of stamina. You can use it aggressively as a combo opener to add the buff or to add an extra hit when out of stamina.
2h R1 combos into the weapon art! it does less damage than R1 R1 combo but the fashion points of backhand slapping your opponent with a greatsword more than makes up for it
...and get backstabed if you're not careful
Beside the fire buff (which is for show), This weapon is garbage and those who use this....well... of course, trash casuls. Greatsword suck shiit
Nice bait
You are....a...cliche. Try walking outside occasionally and maybe some Lexapro.
Lothric straight sword team reporting.
Only meta weapons are good weapons.
I detest the notion of having fun when playing games.
OP is trash and gets butthurt when anyone uses a weapon they don't like.
Dark, and only dark
does anyone know if the WA scales with lingering dragoncrest ring?
In pve I like to pair this with carthus beacon and pontiffs eye for high damage. Good to have an off hand weapon for building stacks then going for heavy damage with buffed onyx blade. Most bosses stagger easy to it and few have significant dark resistance.
Lol basic moveset with a buff that makes the split DMG ratio very 1 sided which is good.. if you don't need an epic wa atm, they aren't resistant to dark, and you have decent faith/int.. you won't get higher ar elsewhere
This baby puts the fear back into Pyromancers
Decent pyromancy play puts fear in the hands of pyromancers. Sword slinging isn't spell casting