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why doesnt the 'wedding' happen for me?
yo gotta do it right just get gud
U did it wrong somwhere obviously...


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you're ugly, that's why :)
Cuz you're ugly
Probably because you look like beef jerky. Who wants to marry that?
Ok so you said to tell Anri "Tell anri of smoldering lake" after I killed Horace and he says hes going to go to the lake as if Horace was alive. Please state the correct way in the guide, now I have to do it all over again..
That's how it works, he/she goes to check on him anyway.
To progress from there, to to where horace was and notice the grave. She should then appear at the church. Worked for me.
"Doing this will cause the door to the catacombs to open" - which catacombs, Carthus?
those are the only catacombs, yes
I screwed it all over becuase I didnt die enough. I've only died twice
You could literally just jump off of the cliff near firelink enough times to do the usurpt ending.
Don't worry, OP. The rest of us bothered to read past the first sentence and understand the joke.
Fk it. I only got the first ending. This game is hard enough, why bother with complicated things lol
To learn and get better. Difficult games like this can skill your mental reflexes, concious awareness etc....the trick is learning where to appropriately apply it in the real world.
>Sees burglar "This is my time." *Leap attacks*
I summoned the *****ing fire keeper beacuase i tought it would just make her apear in the cutscene. Did not want the dark ending. ***** me.



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I just did the exact same thing...
Dark ending? You should think about it for some time, neither of them is good or bad, except killing firekeeper, I would never kill my lovely firekeeper.
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There is a way to get all of the ending. I’ve only done it on PS4 tho. All you have to do is when your at the final boss fight. Save your game. Then exit to your ps4 home screen. Then press start on your dark souls. And click on the option upload/download save data and and upload that save data with the finally boss. The. Go back in the game and kill him. And then once you get that achievement for whichever ending you want. Exit to the ps4 home screen again. Then download your old save data. And then go back in the game and fight and kill him again and get another ending. But to get Ending 4 you have to do everything that it ask of you in game. YOU GUYS ARE WELOME.
Actually u can exit and back up ur save after you kill the soul of cinder if u just want different endings and dont want to kill the final bos again
You say this as though backing up a saved game is some new form of black magic even though it's something that's been done since Demon's Souls with a USB drive...
Next he's gonna tell us that we can turn the console on by pressing the button on the front.
Before Pontiff sulyvahn i saw 3 soap stones placed down and one of them was anri, i headed to the shortcut for the bonfire but when i returned anris soap stone was gone and when i defeated pontiff i couldnt get the 4th ending anymore. What went wrong? (I was doing the ending just how this wiki said)
Its not your fault, its a glitch in the game, you have to log out log back in then ember near the door, shell show up again, i was scared cause im doing the same ending and accidently summoned her, had to black crystal and then i qent back and she was gone, but yeah re loading works
Wait if you summon Anri for pontiff does that mean the 4th ending fails? I’m confused.