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20k souls??? ugh.. (=(
20K Souls for access to the Fire Keeper Soul, 3 Twinkling titanite (2 from the bird and 1 from a lizard behind the Shrine), an Estus Shard, Silver Serpent Ring and a load of other items from the bird.
It's probably the best way to spend your very first 20k souls
You can just do the tree jump for picklepee pumparum and the crystal lizard + estus and snek ring
or you can tree glitch
anon 09 Sep 2018 and 20 Feb 2019 21:54 with the tree glitch you cannot reach the crystal lyzard just ssr, nest (under) and estus.
Anon 25 Mar 2020 01:57 You still can get the crystal lizard with the tree glitch. I just did it on PC. Just follow the path that you jump to all the way around the building. It wraps around behind and there is the lizard.
Firekeeper soul in my second character playthrough is completely absent, I bought the tower key, went up the tower and there was no item pickup on the dead FireKeepers body. I don't know if anybody else has come across this but I have a feeling it's because the only person I have in my Firelink Shrine is greirat. All other members you meet throughout the game are still in their spots. I don't know if that has something to do with it but I can't find anywhere else where it was reported that the firekeeper soul is just nonexistent in a playthrough.
Should be there. I got it even before I got any other NPC's added to the Shrine.
Another piece of trivia you should add: the corpse you get the item from resembles the firekeeper
It's obviously intended to be a previous Fire Keeper. Same robes, also in Firelink Shrine.
The tower is also filled with the corpses of other firekeepers, once you drop to the bottom.
I used my fire keeper soul because I thought it was like any other soul, what should I do?
Regret it


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you can't use it/drop it, wtf are you talking about
is a key item not a cosumable what the you talking about?
chill ppl maybe they mistook a different soul for this. Jeez you guys just jump at the chance to be *******
Wrong game, pal. You're looking for the prequel
Does anyone know who's soul this is? Like a previous Fire Keeper that we've seen in any of the games? Or is it just some random?
Little late to the party here, but its ds3's fire keeper. The whole point of Fire Keepers is that they dont have a soul, and so they can end the game for you the way that's *supposed* to end.
What? How could it be her's when she's walking about. She would only be alive as long as her champion stands .
I guess is Ludleth's Fire Keeper when it was he who linked the flame
400k souls to unhollow after getting the Usurpation of Fire ending, jesus...
You think that's bad? It cost me 800K souls after Linking of the Fire ending, like wtf...
3.8mil... stop complaining lol
After early game PvP at just SL35 to acquire all the Swordgrass, Pale Tongues, and Proofs of Concord for those three covenants, all before the Catacombs, I already had more than 800k souls in my NG. This isn't a brag; I'm just saying souls are easy to stockpile, provided you aren't losing your bloodstain. If you're not into PvP, stay at the recommended SL for a given area and farm souls by putting down your summon sign at boss-gates several times, before moving on / leveling up.
Yeah, I’m at 2.4 million and change. If I’m not mistaken isn’t there (SPOILER ALERT)
A purging totem in the Ringed City which cures hollowing for a fraction of the cost?
Nothing in life is free, not even the levels Yoel offers. You either pay for it by looking like a burnt raisin for the rest of your life/have to use up a ring slot to look normal or you pay in souls what it would cost you to have leveled up normally, curing your burnt raisin face affliction. Alternatively, you can jump into a NG+, smash your face with a purging stone and no one will be the wiser.
You can use a purging stone to reverse your hollowing, and stop looking like a burnt raisin.
nt exactly, I paid 2900 to reverse my hollow state and a level is much more expensive, about the double at my level, so...
just stock up on purging stones lol
It's waaayy more expensive than a level up lol
I misclicked and hit her while she was talking right after I gave her this
Same, do you know how to get it back?
I accidentally killed my firekeeper after giving her the soul? Is there anyway I can get it back?
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