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This doesn't need to be its own page. It's just another Velkhana.
are you dumb
Anyone else hype for more inflated statistics and dumb gimmicks
The best I can expect from this monster is a bunch of AI changes. Inflated statistics in power-up versions of monsters have always been a CAPCOM tradition (apex, frenzied, hyper, tempered, and arch tempered monsters). Good luck killing this monster and happy hunting!
I watched the new trailer and I must say that this queen has more moves than AT Nergigante. She gets three insane ice attacks. I wonder if she'll be harder than Fatalis.
>Can't beat Alatreon

>Can't get to Fatalis

>Can only do AT Velk

>I-it's actually harder than Fatalis guys

...How does this relate to the original comment?
Fatty is a living legend nothing can be harder or capcom might get backlash because he’s the final stand
Yeah, I hope that the Black Dragon is harder than AT Velkhana.
She does more damage boys
update page
Why tf is everyone downvoting this, page needs to be updated
hope it's challenging!

unlike AT Namielle
yeah, AT Namielle noob AF
This thing hits hard, make sure to bring Ice Res 3 and Evade Window 5/Guard Up
Oh great, another walking nova, aoe one-shot attacks spam fest. I'll pass.
Definitely easier than Fatalis. Bring Evade Window 5, Evade Extender 2-3 and a mobile weapon like SnS and it's actually a pretty fun fight. Hardest part is the 30 min timer, same as Fatalis.
100% where I landed. GS is too slow to really do enough damage since AT Vel likes to juke around a lot. Any other slow options are likely to land in the same trouble. Tried LS and could barely get a charge on it. Using the advanced moves leaves you open to take pointless hits. Too much flourishing in LS to be safe IMO. Saw a LOT of HBG with hit and miss results. Blocking everything that AT Vel does is likely to kill you through chip damage. Even with Guard 5. Might also require a shield gem since I saw a lot of 1-shot deaths in an attempt to block big attacks. (Same goes for Lance and GL) SnS, however, I had a LOT of fun with. It's kind of like a dual.