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Honestly, why people downvote every comment with NPC in it. What a god damn childish way to act.
man fextralife is downvote city, what are you expected?
I used strategy 1 with Saw Cleaver +6 and did it was extremely easy. Parry is king, definitely recommend!
yeah, with hemwick and running through cainhurst like a little b****, you can get your weapon to +8 at forbidden woods, essentialy making this fight a formality
Weaken the pyromancer a bit. Kite the other two. Finish the aggressive katana wielder off Quickly. Then the mage. Stay on the candle fire breather, as he tends to sidestep more than attack. Saving him for last helps keep the big snake summon from going off.
These bosses end up as normal enemies in Mergo's Loft. I remember using that as a echo leveling spot so much I figured out all of their tricks. There are 7 of them there.
Honestly wish we got the chance to get their armor set. Would love to cosplay a nazgul.
If only you could, like, purchase their attire from the insight messengers or something, then you could pair this with the burial blade and become the friggin Grim Reaper.
I just used the same strategy I always use for bosses that only occasionally lets me down: charge headlong into them with my saw spear while spamming r1 and circle until all the things trying to kill me are dead.
I did the same thing you mentioned just now
Hey, a lame gank. No one's gonna complain because everyone has a boner for Bloodborne? Okay.
Palpable butthurt. Use the boss arena and items like Shaman Bone Blade to your advantage


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No one complains about this probably because the boss too easy
I’m playing Bloodborne for the first time. Love it but this boss and Witches of Hemwick are crap, simple as that
Honestly, it's not a particularly lame fight. One, the enemies are reasonably killable assuming you're kitted out decently. Two, the enemies all fight differently and can be read with a little skill. Three, they can be divided and worked over



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Latest lore theory is that "Shadows of Yharnam" is Yharnam's premier Black Metal band and the reason they're so pissed is that you interrupted the recording of their latest album -- "Silhouettes In The Mist". Source: my ***
Thanks vaati for another great video
I thought this boss was pretty hard to be honest. You don’t have a lot of window to strike and the shadows become more powerful as the fight goes on. Got it in five attempts but I was out of Blood vials and almost out of HP
yeah 3v1 is fun
i accidentally stumbled upon this boss while venturing the forbidden forest. i had so many blood echoes i didn’t want to lose but i had no choice but to fight. i ended up beating it on that first try, and i was barely alive. my heart was beating so fast when it was over lol
Have 80,000 blood echos sitting there now because I just got killed
It's amazing how well you can fight sometimes when you have a large quantity of blood echos you refuse to give up.