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it's funny seeing ppl that just compare weapons for their AR being that AR difference minimal.

This weapon is a strike weapon, yeah, a hammer sword shaped, that means that usually hits harder than you expect due that a lot of enemies are weak to strike damage and in pvp will surpass other weapons cause in pvp there are just 2 type of ppl, the ones that go nude meaning that anything they touch them will destroy them or ppl that wear armor that usually strike resistance are poor.

Another point is the combination of the moveset of the greatsword with the incredibly LKGS 2 handed R2.

well, in other words, if you want a hammer but dont like the moveset of the hammer and want to have an OP R2 this is your weapon.
So recently I started working on a Dragonslayer build. And with fashion souls in mind and power, I decided to use this GS. So my question is, how good is the CKGS with lightning infusion?
Or should I just stick with a Heavy infusion? Afterall its gonna be a strength build
You might check out the Lothric Knight Greatsword if you're fighting dragons.
The description says that the blade is flattened and that's why this weapon inflicts strike damage. But if one looks closely at the actual model, the blade appears normal sharpened, like other swords. At the same time, the blade from Dragonslayer's Greataxe is notably flattened but it inflicts standard damage. I know this fact is practically without value but STILL! From Software wtf the fukc!
Does anyone know if this is good with dark? I'm trying to make a cathedral pyro build.
Yes. Go for it!
i made this sharped infused on a dex build, i feel very uncomfortable now
where is pontiff knight curved sword guy that shows up on every weapon page "fuk trash casul weapons, use pkcs" etc