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You can also just throw something on the poison gas pits, I tried the throwable item "heavy rock" and "ribcage" and "bone" and all stop the poison from coming out. My issue is if I accept the hag's defeat and try and use the auntie ethel's hair nothing happens.
yes auntie ethel hair did not do anything either
Has anyone tried freeing the pawns by knocking them unconscious and see if you can take their masks off? I tried pickpocketing and it didn't work.
I tried it. I could knock them out and loot the masks, but they were still "wearing" them. When I returned after resting and they were awake again they still rolled their wisdom saves and still attacked me. So it sadly doesn't work as far as I could tell.
If you can't see the hag in the final room where mayrina is hanging in her cage she is invisible on the second bridge next to the control orb