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is he fiend subclass?
Well he does have a pact with a devil, so most likely fiend pact subclass
Well, little is known about him (as we have never seen him in action) and Larian didn't put much out, but it's safe to assume since (according to the rules) a pact with a devil (which is confirmed) means Pact of the Fiend (also burning hands on the image with the devil, which is a Fiend thing)
My crush already. Gonna have a love story with him
My future husbando
His story is literally the same as Jahan from D:OS. Bad sign.
Unfortunately, a lot of the set pieces and story progression feel the same as DOSII
the whole first act reminds me a lot of dos2
I can't seem to be able to recruit him even when I progress in the story, he's just stuck saying ''Now now, you can thank me later''
I have the same problem
Me too, i believe it's because we dealt with the goblin, but without him
If you save after the goblin fight he gets bugged and stays where he is forever and you can't recruit him, you need to wait for him to walk into the camp to where the kids are training before you save it's a really dumb glitch.
He died during my goblin fight but i didnt he was meant to be a companion until like 4 hours later. well rip, not in my campaign i guess
I think he died in that battle but 2 days later he just showed up in my camp like I knew who he was.....
I think he glitched and tried to murder me as soon as I got back to camp. 10/10 would hire again.