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Is this better than just mining for coal in the guiding lands?
It’s like 8,000-10,000 fuel per hunt. Hunt takes around 10-15 min.
An hour mining in the guiding lands is worth 40-50k of fuel.
The Zinogre quest is worth 9-10k per hunt. If you can compete it in 10 minutes or less. Then it's worth it.
Yes, per run ard 15 to 20 min depend on your weapon. Ard 8.5k to 10k point per run
How to play it? I need to have MH iceborne?



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yes, it's a MR 24+ quest
You get gold and silver eggs from netting it's back while its stunned
Fight takes me around 15 min and awards around 7k fuel
Edit: 15 min was with GS. Took less than 10 minutes with HBG spread and awarded the same in fuel. It's better than mining guiding lands.