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angry pickle showed up and basically did the entire fight for me.
A pinecone covered in weak spots that has legs and wings
its like a russian tank, has infinite ammo, zero accuracy but always hits something.
They took an already pretty fun fight and just double downed on the memes. He’s not very hard, but his divebomb super is probably the flashiest monster attack in the game. Total spectacle fight.
I'm not sure if regular Bazel does it, but I noticed Seething actually plays airplane sounds when he starts his bombing run attack.
What an absolute Chad. Who says a fight has to be hard to be super *****ing memorable.
Duuuuude, you just know Mr Torgue has a hard-on for this guy XD
his purple bombs make the most ASMR "poumf" ever and i enjoy it a lot
B-52, now with nuclear arms.
Spent 70 minutes fighting it solo for the story quest using longsword; I reccomened using a bow since its flying around all the time; flashbugs; traps; it can runaway in expediation mode if you wake it from sleep, unlike other monsters this one will wake up and fly away, so you're better off trapping it/capturing it;
I beat it in like 10 minutes using Longsword, dude... I’m not sure how you hunted it, or if its even you or Bazel having something going on, but its not as hard as you make it sound to hunt this guy with a Longsword.
Lucky you, mine left the locale when it was about to die. I should have returned to base first.
All monsters will do that, they leave in about 20 to 30 or so minutes, stay longer if you beat them up.You need to be more aggressive if you want to down one fast enough in expedition mode or maybe the gear was bad. Barioth, or velk gear, anything ice will be good.
70 min? But dosent it only give you 50?
He is very beautiful and deadly but he ain't an invader so toned down the deadliness there. first time fighting him and seeing admiral behind me, me: WTF?! when i fought him he wasn't to hard but he still is more deadly than regular Bazelguese for me. But a very beautiful and and fun fight. Also one of the best armor sets againste Raging brachydios