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I am heavy weapons guy...pootis
I am heavy weapon guy, and this... is my new weapon, she weighs one hundred and forty two kilograms in weight and Fires 200 custom made cartridges... it cost 400 thousand dollars to fire this weapon for twelve seconds.
400 blood echoes
>400 blood echoes You mean 400k blood echoes?
This gun is awesome. Imagine wielding two of them. Badass...
It costs ten thousand blood echoes to fire this weapon... for eighteen seconds.
ha! love that reference!
Who touched my gun?!
Some people think they can outsmart me, maybe ‘sniff’ maybe.......I have yet to meet one that can outsmart the bullet
Gank idea: BLT build using this, fists and Gratia's fist L2. Have your companion in choir garb and no headgear. Have him constantly buff you with choir bell and defend himself with a pistol or cane while you shoot away. Ubercharge cosplay. Bonus: have another guy spam piercing rifle from far away via monacle wearing the yamamura hat
I have a better idea: one with gatling in a room and the other with whirligig saw blocking the exit


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If you have trouble killing the hunter to get this weapon, just equip the Impurity rune and summon Valtr from the entryway to the Laurence fight. Assuming you haven't killed Laurence yet, it makes this trivial.
Fires 4 times for each bullet but can only damage an enemy twice each bullet, keep this in mind.
Some people coming about how this uses silver bullets like there's no tommorow, but that doesn't bother me. I rarely parry and I'm tired of it saying "you cannot pick up any more of this item" whenever I try to pick up bullet drops.
I've always dreamed of being Rambo in a souls game....