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I'm seeing alot of people complaining about farming this set, but I found it fairly easy to get. i'll explain my setup to anybody else whos struggling; I had around 350 item discover(covetus gold serpent, symbol of averice, crystal sage rapier and rusted coin). From the bonfire "Oceiros, The Consumed King" run up the stairs to the swamp with 2 cathederal knights with greatsword. Lures them one by one down the stairs(careful they are very fast) and leg it into the boss room. They won't follow you past the door so keep a fair distance and pelt with ranged attacks, rinse and repear. Hope this helps!
When the cathedral knight armor and gauntlets are used in conjunction with the black iron helmet and leggings, it grants nearly as much defense as the full Havel set.
it'll look decent once fromsoft scales down the tassle-things on the cathedral knight armor


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For me one run the entire set dropped at discovery 157



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I farmed this set from the bonfire of the main boss of Cathedral of the Deep from the two knights at the main alter without any luck increases. They seemed to drop it quite regularly, and most times they will not enter the room where the boss fight took place so you can kite them back their for easy sniping with a bow
on the xbox one ver the leggings in the description say temple knight I was like why they need to retype that
Does anyone know if the Consumed King's Knights drop this armour or do they have a set of their own? They are equipped in what looks very similar to this, but their cloth is deep blue and I think the metal is a bit darker too.
I get the leggings from the two near Oceiros occasionally from them. They drop them. Similar to the blue lothric knights dropping regular red lothric set.
Does anyone agree this looks like the Heide Knight set from 2?
I think he says it, because it has a crusader helmet. From certainly do seem to like the look of a stereotypical crusader, so it is no wonder that this armour was made. Just look at Solaire.. The Heide Knights.. Cathedral of the Deep knights. All have Crusader bucket helmets, and 2 out of 3 had mail armour, and white cloth. Not sure what they thought of, when they strayed away from the typical set, but it ended up quite well. Besides, if everything goes to *****e, we still have Solaire's set, to make us happy, if our inner crusader cries to be released.
This is the poster again. Just saying, like if you agree with me.
Not even remotely close
load in from the oceiros bonfire and head towards the entrance to the bossfight, go up the stairs then backstab the one on the stairs before he agroes and hit him while he's getting up. By far the easiest and lowest death chance farming spot.
Seriously see no issue
You cant see because you are blind.
I don't mind them but I think they're less offensive in full cosplay than if you are mixing set pieces
This armour is my favorite in the entire game. It is in my opinion the best heavy armor in the game (weight defense ratio)