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You can get it right at the beginning of irithyll by baiting Dorhys to the locked door with alluring skulls and toxic mist/dung pods
Just tested. It works, but she may not walk towards the skull's target and fire the gnawing instead, so bring a lot of those.
Toxic procs with 3-4 dung pies and eats her health away in seconds
it's hip to f*ck bees
This appears to be just about the most cost effective offensive ranged miracle in the game even if the enemy isn't particularily prone to bleeding and even if you're using regular chimes. As an added bonus it also tracks a bit unlike lightning spears and such. Pretty sad for all the Gwyn's faithful who'd like to stick to lightning.
Would recommend this if your a faith build and need to kill the dancer.
Also found Lifehunt Scythe to be useful, 524dmg per swing against the Dancer, with 46 faith, suns first born and mornes rings.
This is recommended to use against the Nameless king, He has Bleed resistance but if you don't use pyromancies or fire weapons as well as dark pyromancies and weapons, the dark damage will help Big time. A friend tested this out last night with a newer character he made. he had 14 int 25 fth and it did decent damage to the Nameless King. (note: he did not use it against the drake because the drake has a higher resistance and instead used lightning weapons and miracles to kill it.
What do you mean? I just went to help people and I would bleed Nameless King in 2 casts for 1,6k dmg
A solid alternative to Boulder Heave for pyromancers going after the Demon Prince. 2-3 will tend to trigger bleed. Fear not the dark my friend, and let the feast begin.
Feast? I thought you said weast!
Finding Dorhy...
This makes the dancer a joke
Actually, this makes the dancer less infuriating. Pair it with the sage ring for that extra cast speed, estus ring and the miracle buff ring for max reking. don't forget the stamina ring.
And Friede.
And Nameless King
and oceiros
And the demon prince
And most of hard bosses
And my boy... uh.. skinny *****
Wow, I didn't realize it was effective against some of those. I just tried it against Nameless King because I have trouble dodging his weird delayed horizontal slashes, and it did a lot more damage than I expected. I'm almost to the Dancer in NG++ and may try it out.
I agree, when i was out of estus this spell saved my arse, just attire her between the columns on the side and let the bees gots out!
I always take the secret path to kill Dorhy. Not that I ever use this spell, spells just aren't my thing. I just want her to shut up.
It actually annihilates the Nameless King. I was using mostly buffs rather than casting attacks, but that miracle is a destroyer of certain enemies.
Finding Dorhy