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So do you need int for the hit roles on spells?
Don’t quote me on this but I think you need it on the spell rolls that have a stat as a save. So if it says attack/save dexterity. It will use your int. If it says ranged attack or melee it will use those instead
Really hope they give it bound weapon, as that is one of the most defining features of the EK for me
EK cant learn spells and it is sucks
really hope they give this subclass a makeover. At the moment EK isn't that great and thats with greenflame blade.
Eldritch Knight is so screwed over by its school restrictions. Evocation, which is primarily damage, is awful on a 1/3 caster as the damage lags behind their normal attacks, and most abjuration spells on the wizard spell list are utility. The only second-level abjuration spell is Arcane Lock!

When I DM in 5e I allow players to choose their two schools, and I'm definitely going to get a mod that does the same in BG3