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Why do I keep coming back to invasions? What else are Unkindled Ashes good for?
sUmMOniNg anOThEr phANtOm......
In dark souls 1 i invaded for the souls, the covenants and for the guaranteed fun. Same for dark souls 2 (even more fun considering balance was a thing there). In dark souls 3, however, i see so many ganks cheesing throughout the game that i feel the need to invade and balance things out a little. Of course, ppl doesnt like balance and gives braindead responses and dislikes to anyone who talks about what ds3 did wrong. Unfortunately for them, DeS remake will keep character tendency and world tendency, so they will pay the price of ignorance, sooner or later. Peace.
Now invade and pillage all you like, and if you grow weary of your duty you too may become a finger.
I wish you could see the SL of an invader next to their health bar. I'm almost convinced invaders have a higher SL than hosts because of the massive difference in damage between us. Is it just me?