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I just did the Arena Master Quest 06 but I only got a Zinogre coin? The quest itself was awful seeing the***** gear and lack of good items you get for the entire fight. I'm guessing you need to do it within the 8 mins time limit to which I say ***** off.



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Probably a lil' late, maybe you already found out. But you just need stay at least B rank AKA 17 min. Its practically guaranteed if you do it in 8 but like the high rank equivalents of this coin, it's just a rare drop. I got one on my second try, both in a 12-16 minute period.
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The missions to get these are the only part of the game I don’t enjoy - they’re one of the worst gaming experiences possible.
Yeahhhh, I think I'm just gonna put these in my shop, **** Arena quests
now used to unlock the guild palace layered armor