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also any poison bottle + weapon adds poison damage to weapon. Did not notice a difference between small / medium / large bottles of poison, but there was more of damage bonus the higher the level of the weapon.
You can also use the barrels of poison found throughout the world and save yourself a bottle of poison!
anyone know if I can poison buff my Elven bow without loosing the chance of freezing?
The critical damage multiplier isn't weapon bound, but character bound. All weapons have 150% critical damage, unless they have an critical damage enhancement. The reason you see a weapon does above 150% critical damage, is because the character you view the weapon with does extra critical damage by gear or skill (scoundrel).
Well since you can improve the Crit Damage multiplier of a weapon by increasing "Scoundrel" a weapon that grants "Scoundrel" Bonus would also ALWAYS have better Critdamage that is NOT bound to the character but the weapon for that matter.
It is important to note that THE LEVEL OF GEAR MADE BY CRAFTING ARMOR OR WEAPONS SCALES WITH CHARACTER LEVEL. If you just got to level 15 and you're still using a level 11 weapon, you can craft a Common piece of level 15 gear instead of buying one. This saves a TON of money in the long run, assuming you bother to collect materials, though wands and staves are RNG for what element you get.
keep in mind you will craft a common weapon with the same lvl of your character with NO ENCHANT NOR RUNES SLOTS so craft a weapon only if you cant find one of your lvl or if they are too expensives
True you can’t enchant or use runes but at least you can poison it
Eh...honestly, if you have someone with high enough thievery (like 3 or 4 in act 1 or 5+ in act 2 forward) then you will have an excess of money at all times. I've found the gear crafted this to be largely terrible, as none of it never has bonus stats, and those bonus stats can put the lower level item above the crafted one. For example, at level 5, you might get a wand that gives +1 int and a rune slot which you throw a small rune in, in sum total giving yourself ~12% more damage on a 5-7 damage wand. Then a level 7 wand doing 7-9 damage is a negligible damage increase for autoattacks, and by switching you lose out on the +1 int bonus. Later on it gets even worse - a level 14 dagger might have 40 damage, +1 finesse and +2 dual wielding. 15% of 40 is 6 damage and 2% dodge, and a crafted level 16 weapon will have ~46 damage with no stat bonuses. Oh and the level 14 item probably has a gem slot and special procs...if the crafting system let you add in say, elemental essences or other rare ingredients to increase the effectiveness of the weapon, crafting them would be more useful. As a sidenote though: Often making these weapons then selling them nets you more gold than just selling the ingredients.
When adding poison to a weapon using an Ooze Barrel, be aware that it won't work wands but more importantly 2h maces (as far as I can tell). It DOES work for 1h maces though.
I don't understand level requirements on weapons. If I'm a level 5 year old human, I can pull the trigger on a machine gun just as well as a level 50 year old. If you want to make any sense, just reduce the % of damage if you haven't hit the target level, simulating that you can't use it to it's maximum potential. Not being able to hold it in your hands is as stupid a thing as I can imagine, and breaks immersion so completely I want to grab the developer's underwear, pull it over their head, and tell them to go back to nerd school and start over... because I aced that*****, yo... just sayin'
I don't think this game's suitable for 5 year olds, level or not... ;-)
But... you can equip weapons that you don't meet the level requirement for... It just makes you less accurate.
Aced doesn't sound right, the way you typ. You sound like the guy that struggled with the lowest education.
I think it only raises the AP usage for the weapon if you don’t meet the level requirement. It doesn’t even lower your accuracy unless that’s something hidden.
this guy has never fired a machine gun
How many machine guns are in the game again? Oh yeah, NONE. As to the rest, I'd *love* to see a 5 year old human ready, then use a bow meant for an adult, or lift a warhammer. Hell, there's an entire aspect of one of the most famous myths in the history of humanity based on the difficulty of stringing a legendary bow. So maybe you're not the best judge of what is and isn't immersion-breaking, Bubba. More proof that their gun fetish makes Americans dumber.
I'd like to see a 5 year old pull my deer hunting bow, medieval weapons are not machine guns, actually 5 year olds can't aim a god damn machine gun either, most of em can't even point their fingers straight when they play cops and robbers
the "level" on the items also determines the strength of any enchantments placed on the item. higher level = better enchantments
Would be cool if can make some Legendary equipments through crafting with very rare materials :/
Warning! Don't blindly craft a "Knife on a stick" using the recipe interface. I had a bunch of common knives I had picked up and thought the process would use those. It did, but it also randomly used my most valuable daggers and produced a stupid "basic sword" as a result! I didn't realize it until much later, and it took much restoring into save games to discover the root cause. This is painful, and I'm having to replay some of the game now that involved a good deal of fighting, exploring, and rare vendor finds. I consider this a serious bug in the game. In case you're wondering how I didn't notice, I usually play that character as a ranger. But she is also my thief, and I lost "Pride of Pryce" in this process, which is a rare dagger that gives +1 to both thievery and sneaking. It wasn't until I went to steal more stuff that I realized something was wrong. Also, I'm playing the classic version, since I was well into that before the definitive version came out. Not sure if this was fixed in that version, but be careful.
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This wasn't a big, this was just you wanting the game to save you from your own stupidity



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Why the hell would you waste time doing that. Weapons and especially daggers become obsolete extremely quickly in this game and can be replaced easily.
I'm confused, so "handmade sword" is actually an elven sword. No matter my level it's always an elven sword. Yet you'd expect to make a sword based on your characters race. Was lizard, got elven sword. Was human; elven sword. There's a lot of unusual things about this game that makes me think they rushed and stopped caring about a lot of this game such as the crafting elements. Like I can make handmade armour, but not gloves, pants, helm, or boots... So dumb.
Looks like "anvil + metal scraps + hammer" no longer works.
Works for me, try again