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it's dead because Dark Souls PvP sucks and always will. DS players also want to desync their way to victory rather than have a more competitive environment where they might have to actually be good at a game for once.
>Players can be matched with opponents up to 10 levels plus 10% of their own level higher than them

why even bother putting hollow arena in the game if you aren't going to standardize levels and stats. we already have unbalanced PvP at pontiff



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want to have fun in an brawl everybody use a mace
"If YoU wAnT hOnoUrAbLe 1v1, gO tO tHe aReNa" i've seen this idiotic excuse many times and each time is more stupid than the last one. Do you really think a sane person would waste his time here, just for a duel? With no reward for your efforts? B*tch please, it's called HOLLOW arena for a reason.
i feel like its a lot better because there is no reward
I had glorious chance to experience an arena disconnect earlier. Right after they lost bam connection error. I thought it was a myth but people legit do this and it was satisfying as it gets!
Someone used CE to not die at 0 HP the second time they were going to get killed by me, then proceeded to point down and thow dung, some folks DC to get/keep a gold medal.
It's so hard to get gold in multi pvp arena because almost no one is doing it these days...