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Mordus actually glitched and I got a "source point block", and I automatically got 4 source point slot.
Lol same. Finally realized that he was right next to me up top. Oh well - got some loot and experience.
I think I actually broke the game a bit I didnt realize it was a battle you were meant to lose at the start and I got Sebille and an incarnate champion through the battle without getting nabbed (the rest of the party is in lockup though)
"One of your team members (whoever the main character is) will be locked in a room without enemies called the Weapon Chamber Room." Seems to be false. My main Character is a Custom Character and he is always teleported to the Room full of vampires and gore and stuff. I relaoded my saves about 30minutes or so, but no luck. Quess I have to play one of the other Characters... not that it's a Bad thing its just... not "me" ^^
What you can do is separate one character and have that character go into the fight first, as the first character taken is the one that gets placed in the Vampire Area. Then you can bring in everybody else afterwards (or one at a time to manipulate where each character would be).
I did this at level 11. I did it in the expected order, but Mordus ended up being very easy. My Sebille ranger build with Far Out parked herself on the chest platform way above the entry to this encounter. Mordus ran up to my tank Prince at the top of the ramp, and Sebille was so far above and away that she could just manually aim and shoot without ever being engaged in turns. Kinda easy when you do it like that. I rationalized the exploit because I had thought it would be a great sniping platform. It just ended up being better than I thought.
"If you do not kill Mordus quickly and he Source drains somebody, he will transform into a gigantic monster that can easily decimate your team in a few turns with its poisonous AoE attack. This monster is not intended to be fought (you're meant to reload a save and instead kill Mordus quickly), but it is not impossible to defeat it." Well, I killed all the enemies before Mordus and he eventually turned into this beast. Everyone else but my team and mordus was dead by this point, so I had no problem killing this beast after all.
Honestly, the giant demon Mordus turned into wasn't that bad. Deplete his armor and knock him down over and over.
Having the teleport pyramids was extremely helpful! Don't remember where i picked those up
The Lady Vengeance, in Dallis' room when you first board the ship.
You can cheese the hold Voidwoken part of this dungeon with Teleport and the Pyramids. In the initial room of the cave, in the area where you would get abducted by the Voidwoken, if you walk out onto the ship, you can Teleport a member of your party down to the area where Mordus is. Then use the Pyramid to teleport party down.