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I remember killing Artorias with only the two-handed attack. That took a lot of repair powder and humanity.
The only thing that is bad about the dragon king great axe is the fact that it cannot scale with stuff just like every other dragon weapon.
No dragon weapon scales with anything. Did they ever have?



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Did they ever have?//
They didn't
The guy must be high on drugs.
I think you guys need to read more clearly. He's not saying that the other dragon weapons do scale, he's saying the downside to this one is that similarly to the others this one does not scale.
IMO the huge strength requirement puts this weapon in a strange position given the lack of scaling. If you have access to the Black Knight or Demon Greataxes, there's no point to this weapon other than the R2 gimmick. I guess the main selling point is the accessibility since it's a guaranteed drop.
Well, at 36 STR 2H, the demon greataxe have 663 ar, 94 more than the dragon, which is a lot, but taking into account how the game calculates defense and damage, higher ARs dont suffer as much as lower ARs in dealt damage diference, and the damage of the special move icreases with buffs and resins, not the most optimal choice but it can be the main weapon on a faith str build until you get grant
well the R2 is a monster for those little turtles in tight spots like sens and etc its op when invadivng ganks and they dont know your position then you take spot make ready for them then bang one more to crack the wallnuts.
The R2 really DOESNT know anything about blocking anyone in aoe will be effected...
id rather call this tight spot beast...truely