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Isnt this the same dragon that protects the sunlight altar in ds1?
No, the one in Dark Souls 1 is the Hellkite Dragon.
I've been trying to get past this *****ing boss for so long and every time I run in, It just flies up and kills me in 1 *****ing hit with it's fire attack.
In SOTLS he appears to be immune to poison.
SOTLS: Scholar of the Last Sin
This fight goes one of two ways every single time: He either remains glued to the ground for most of the fight and only flies up when you have the stamina to sprint out of the way. Whenever he's on the ground he only stomps and bites making it super easy to avoid his attacks and even easier to kill him. Or he never stays on the ground for longer than 2 seconds and you proceed to get roasted with that obnoxious, arena-wide breath attack that can hit you multiple times (an attack they continuously added to half the dragon bosses in the souls series despite being cancer manifest. why, from?). Most of the time you'll get the first AI cycle, but Gwyn forbid you get stuck with the airborne oven.


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Beat him on the first try with zero hits received. Mage build. Dumb dragon was in the air the whole time shooting at Gwyn knows what.
What a trash boss lol. They probably realised how easy the boss was and to compensate they gave him firebreath attacks that perma stunlock the player if they get hit. And should you try to heal after a single firebreath took down 90% of your HP you get another one thrown at you that stunlocks you again. Pathetic.
Get good
Just go for fire res and shield and turtle the fire. Cakewalk.
Git gud casul
 I mean.. he's not wrong. ALL bosses in DS2 are uninspired garbage.. but we still love the game anyways. And the bosses that are hard, are hard for the wrong reasons. Either a cheap mechanic, or their obsession with gank bossfights, instead of a well thought out, single boss, with unique mechanics, and a difficult but fair difficulty. But really though, the ganks were lazy game design... especially that BOSS that was just 3 generic ****ing npcs....
Never died to it before even after multiple playthroughs. Lightning Claymore +10 with Sunlight Blade works well. Need patience. Whenever he jumps in the air just run around the outskirts of the arena. When he lands run and attack. Essentially, if he's on the ground, go to his legs and attack. If he's in the air, run around the arena, preferably on the outskirts. You need patience to beat him. He is underwhelming and poorly designed but a fairly easy boss actually.



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Faith builds are probably the best against this guy, because the reason you can use lightning
What a joke. The only reason why this boss is difficult is the stunlock on the extendo range fire breath that you never really know where it ends, and the fact that it melts your stamina bar when you try to block it. If this stupid lizard just stayed on the ground and didn't spam it's flying attack it would be even less of a fight but at least not as aggravating
Easy just stay underneath him the whole time yeah hell use his stomp attacks but not fast or repeative just heal urself and keep attacking the foot