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Fatalis theme is so god like
Who put a dark souls fight in my MH
Nah man, just do like I do, go in completely underprepared and ham fist your way through the fight, no need for all the prep
Its funny that I made a longer comment in detail about my thoughts about this fight in depth, but some how its gone so I'll try again

Fatalis seems to be the penultimate culmination of IB mechanics, for better or worse. Very aggressive (which isnt bad in of itself), low cool downs, high damage, so frame trap city basically. His moveset is made to punish people who try and run away and drink pots, so the typical IB experience. "Just dont get hit noob durr hurr"

Tenderizing the chest is mandatory for almost every weapon, so no wonder they added the shaver jewel, cause otherwise you wont be able to inflict any real damage even with an alatreon weapon. Why does CC exist again? You dont even tenderize the head for dmg, you can either do it to ungimp WE since the hitzone on it goes up by 1, or try to land your strongest attacks regardless.
Because of how his attacks are structured and the damage they do, you have to play defensively or just get oneshotted. Against a 30 min timer. "Just bait bait out cone breaths noob" Oh so the rajang strat? gonna play a turn based rpg instead of dark souls, at least the latter doesn't have a tight timer

oh also you have to get at least one partbreak before phase 3 or every fire attack will one shot you, even with the fire proof mantle. And he also has a nova for some reason to break up the flow of battle to look at him. So he is a dps check, just with some extra steps

Could be better. Could be worse

you are undergeared if you are one shotted, stop going ham on attack if you cant bring survival. Even w elder armor, still need the right combo of decorations, helps if you elem meal L then mega armorskin.
People with 1k def can still get one shotted. Thats why I said its a dark souls fight. You hit him a few times, then roll away. My current set has about 965 def, a hundred more will do nothing
people with 1k+ defense will only get one shot by the blue flame unless they decided to forgo vitality and food or a max potion before heading in. Heck, I went in with Velkhana gamma/frostfang set for greatsword with NEGATIVE fire resistance and still wasn't getting one shot by fire attacks.
one shotted while enraged, I meant, small error
Went back and tested. Damage doesn't change for fatalis when enraged vs. unraged. AT velk armor still kept me from being 1 shot from a regular fireball attack while they were enraged from a wall slam.
Mother of under gear, 965? Don’t say armor won’t help, that’s noob. That’s too low, 1k ( should at least be 1100) full augment defense only dies to blue flame, head is very breakable before that. 1100 will still one hit to explosion breath if it’s fire defense is too low. Need to compensate more survival if you want to force bad armor into the fight, it’s not fire ball that one shots proper defense, it’s explosion breath that combo to air dive. He stops doing it phase three, maybe if wings break or head break. That one needs beefy flame jewel for more defense. If fire balls one shot, way too under geared.
i really hope for a even stronger monster than faitalis
play MHO- oh, wait. Nevermind
Mom, can I have Fatalis Weapons?
No son, we have Fatalis Weapons at home.
Mom is the new god
White Fatalis next? That would be cool.
once you go black you dont go back didnt you know
Bruh this isnt a mh fight, this is literally a dark souls fight

Very quick high dmg attacks that can frame trap you easily (makes you faint in one hit with 1k def), which forces you to in a defensive playstyle of a "few whacks then roll away to wait for the next opening" ,a rich and varied moveset with an attack for any situation, although its prioritized to kill people running away to heal.

Ah, the typical IB monster design, in all senses of the phrase. This fight is still a dps check with extra steps, since if you fail to break the head at least once before phase 3, you will probably eat **** and fail the quest since every fire breath will one shot you, even with the fire proof mantle and 20 fire def you need at least one part break.

Ohoh, speaking about the head, did I tell you he only basically has two hitzones? Head and chest or gtfo. No wonder they added the shaver jewel and boosted wounding uptimes, since your dmg on the chest is pathetic without a soften. And have fun trying to hit the head which is always either out of reach or already trying to bite/flambe you. "Just bait out the cone breath noob" ala the rajang strat

Could be better. Could be worse. Just take out the nova and tone down the one shot moves
if you are one shotted, you are not prepared. Stop going all out on attack, its pointless if you are fainting too easily. You can hit a lot more than 20 with a good set, alatreon armor plus two kulve for guts skill, you can have 50 fire defense.( blue flame will two shot you instead). Head is very hittable on all fours, his long breath and all his bites are openings,just need to learn where to be( somewhere along the side of neck, anticipate his movement) then you have all four wall bangs( standing is a waste) and binders and cannon stun time.

a few whacks then roll away is always how monster hunter is played.( unless you block w lance). Need to have good positioning. If this was a dark souls fight, it wont last 5 minutes, dark souls bosses are aggressive but soft. Just need good set and lots of practice.
This has me raising eyebrows. Chest damage is pathetic without soften? Can't say I've had that happen. Softening is best idea yeah, but you could probably still go the whole fight without softening it. Head does stay up high, but they have a bunch of openings where it gets low enough or allows you to get in a free clutch claw hit or small combo. If I can get a double head break with a slow greatsword with only 1 partbreaker rank and still have enough time to win, then there are definitely enough openings to get good shots in.
Lol git gud scrub. Anything less than full meta gear you are wasting you and your teammates time. Your obviously not an optimal player.
Heavy artillery jewel will be a big help for solo
It frustrates me that they require you to be mr 24 while ruiner nergi requirement is mr 100. Sending sos flare and players who are 60 to 80 keeps on coming. I thought this end game monster would require you mr 175 or atleast 100 for it.