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People complaining about Necro, I dont know what they on. I picked Necro to "support" my 2h warrior I found myself being more mage than warrior (standing back using spells) because the spells in this school are VERY strong. Blood Rain+Grasp the Starved is a KO. Blood Rain+Decay+Blood Sucker is a KO, Corpse Explosion is another. Bone Cage is insane.

For a person who suppose to be "beating my enemies to a pulp" with my 2h weapon, Im casting spells rather than swinging. This school so good I almost feel I can go into battle naked and bare handed. With Living On The Edge and Bone Cage as my armor, the other spells as offense. Im NOT saying this school is OP but most certainly one of the strongest school you can build from. Its possible to be a total Necro mage if choose too (dip in scrod & poly a little for adrenaline and skin graft). Love Necro
Why the **** does your 2h warrior have enough int to make spells better than melee