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So I have a small company, and I need to print out a sign for my front window ... Each letter in my logo would have to be about 15 "W, 24" H, right. With a printer like the one above, I think I'd be able to print my whole logo (basically just letters) at once, instead of individually printing each letter I also check some reviews at top vinyl cutters. I got a few quotes from around town saying they will do it for $600-$1500, which is just outrageous .. (although either way is fine with me ..) I told them I'd be the one to instal them, (sticking them to the window ...) but they said they had to pay for it anyway, even if I did. So, yeah, I only wanted one to do tiny graphics and stickers anyway, so maybe someone might chime in and tell me if they thought that would be enough?



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So what really is a vinly printer?
you are trying to make a small company,which I did not know and It makes me feel so much proud and joyous for you to do such a thing!

But unfortunately what you are trying to do its something quite expensive.
Either by letters or by entire space its something thats requires lots of profit.
just because there is challenge does not mean it should make you surrender!
It is a trial that should be fought!
And I am here for that
You should,as you are right now.
Trying to find work of this online as well as to how,in other parts that are separated from where you live!
Open your mind and seek more ways!
But while you do that you need to realize that you have do also adapt and improvise in the mean time
So whil you wait for proper printings,I think even a nice bucket of paint for you to "Print" out the letters of your shop may be helpful too!
I do not know where you want to write this per say,but buying a wooden palette cutting and making a nice petitte sign will work wonderfully!
Many things can come but for now you can make up with some nice preety stuff while you wait for your printing
After that you can get the money to improve your store!
please good luck with this and stay safe Friend!