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I am writing this as I was not happy with Dark Souls: Remastered (PC, not willing to pay twice for about the same game).
I owe the game a lot as it helped me when I needed (even tho I do not have as many hours on record as you do).

I am here to ask whenever someone is doing their own re-creation of Dark Souls 1 or whenever someone would join me on the journey.

Some info about me:
  • I am (full-time) programmer, not a graphic designer
  • Using Linux as main OS (Debian)
  • Have some experience with game prototypes
  • Will need some people around to have the motivation to keep working on it
  • Do not like Unreal Engine but I am willing to use it (and make it work under my setup)

Some info about the project (I would like to create):
  • Simple modding using LUA/JavaScript scripting (may allow crazy ideas made in few minutes)
  • Custom (own) world, weapons, enemies...
  • Re-create all 3 Dark Souls games with same visuals

I need to mention that Valve allowed Black Mesa which is community remake of Half Life[/url].
Fromsoftware and Bandai Namco are not Valve, sure. But the hope and precedent is here.
Fromsoftware also said (AFAIK even several times) that Dark Souls 3 is their last Dark Souls game (at least from the universe).

I am still going to buy PS5 with Bloodborne and Demon's Souls (hopefully both original and new version).

I remember how Warcraft 3 with its support brought us Dota 2, how there are many games from Minecraft or Half Life/ Counter-Strike 1.6[...
That is the reason I want to have it modular. From Star Wars Lightsaber battles to to re-creations of existing (old) games...

If you want to help, send me a message here on on Discord.

PS: Preview has problems to show all those links. I hope it will be OK after submiting (or I will be able to edit them out).



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Yeah the spam filter doesn't like links from new users. Your post is free now :P
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