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In remastered he appears to be almost immune to the Gravelord Sword. I went and got it at low level and matched into his boss room to murder him with it and I was doing about 10 damage with two-handed swings. I actually got caught in a fireball and died while trying to figure out what was going on. I found this hilarious though - I'm imagining him one day going "I'VE HAD ENOUGH AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!"
Ignore this. I tried making another character to double-check and the sword worked fine on him. No idea why the first character was doing such low damage.
Your initial character probably didn't meet the stat requirements.


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Not sure why this got so downvoted, I thought it was pretty funny. :|
Pinwheel is not a pushover by any means. If we do the bosses in terms of ascending order of souls given then we should do it right after gargoyles and capra should be done before gargoyles. The only reason why ppl chicken out of the catacombs is because of the skeletons. They should be nerfed so as to allow ppl to take Pinwheel early on instead of after OnS.
Finally someone who understands Pinwheel.
I hate you
Bosses don’t really have a particular order (unless you need an item locked behind a boss to get to the next boss) so you can beat Pinwheel as early as after the Asylum Demon or as late as the 3rd final boss in the game
But you need to do Anor Londo for the Lordvessel before the catacombs.
you only need the lord vessel to fight Nito, some people kill him really early on to get the rite of kindling to make other bosses easier with more estus
I was able to beat him before I even got to BlightTown, and that was on my first playthrough. A good tactic for going into the catacombs early on is to take in a bow, because then you can snipe a lot of the necromancers while staying out of range of their attacks. Alternatively, if you have a Black Knight Sword or a Black Knight Great Sword, it makes going through the catacombs a breeze.
I did Pinwheel before Capra because i didn't know where to go next (after bell gargoyles) and it's still the easiest boss. Actually got all the way down to the Tomb of the giants until i saw the yellow mist before i turned back and searched up a guide for where the **** i was supposed to go.
He's easy if you gank him. If you play defensively he can do massive damage. The early game rewards defensive play everywhere except for here.

The problem is that getting out of the catacombs before the lordvessel is a huge pain in the ***. So everyone waits until they have it, at which point they can two shot him even if they're playing defensively.
By the time you get to him you're more of a boss than he is.
Needed to see the wiki before i learned he had attacks
I imagine he can be dangerous if you head to the catacombs very early in your playthourgh but why suffer horrors of the catacombs on low level? I tried that once and I died at least 30 times before getting to Pinwheel. And even on a lower SL I was able to rush him down and kill him before he was able to become a more serious threat. Overall, I think the entire area of Catacombs is a "boss" while the actual boss is just a simple mob who can be killed with your dominant hand beign shoved in your bottom.
Actually did this. Still easy
is this the guy that killed Jerma ON STREAM?
Ah, yes. Pisswheel.
Too hard pls nerf FROMSOFT PLSSA
Nice try Jerma
The fak are you talking about?
In NG+ he is stronger than iron golem
They're neck and neck. Weird that no one seems to bash Iron Golem as much as pinwheel. Maybe just cause it takes longer to whack all the health away...?
Iron Golem is a bit more interesting to me. But i'm biased because Tower Knight was the most badass fight in Demon's Souls.