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Just killed him. Easiest boss in the game.

No, no it wasn't, wasn't easy at all coming from the delayed attacks of Nameless King; I had to 'remaster' my rolling to kill this sucker. Though he was easier than Nameless that's for certain, only took me about 1-2 hours of running back and forth through the fog wall whereas Nameless took 3 days and ALOT of patience.

I ran a Lothric Greatsword +10 with a Lightning infusion and he still wasn't easy; it all came down to rolling and stabbing with patience.

Beautiful ending to the game though (minus the DLC).
One of the easiest bosses in the game. the music is good but i barely got to hear it :/
easy... do it sl1 now if you think that way lol
Hardest main game boss IMO
NK is more frustrating than difficult. KN phase 1 is absolute bullsh*t because of the camera and phase 2 is kinda hard if ur bad at dodge rolling. This fight is fair but hard in a way. BTW I suck *** at phase 2 SoC. So yeah
Not that hard in NG
Hardest boss along with Gael in high NG cycle