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I hate this mf so much. The way leads to the boss area is annoying af. I just want to get rid of him quickly. I summoned Valtr once but he died when the boss entered phrase 2. Is Valtr going to stay alive through the end ? I want to distract the boss when Valtr health drop, so him can heal. But I don't know if i can keep him alive with lava spamming bull*****
Honestly Valtr is an absolute beast of a of the best in the game next to Henryk. As long as you're doing efficient damage to Laurence, Valtr will almost always survive...just don't let him take too much of the aggro.
Sometimes I wonder why I even bother putting points into Vitality.


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as much as I hate ol larry the opening cutscene really makes you realize how funny and tiny his wee head is


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BlackskyEye smokes the heck out of this chilipepper! Hits to the head easily bring him down in the 1st round
I am in NG+3, BL100. Guys, did you succeed to defeat at this level BL100 in NG+3 and gbeyond? I l mean, I can't even imagine NG+6... Because that's the first time I'm stuck stuck.
This boss fight is pure unadulterated cancer.
The run to him is cancer.
Waiting for the door to open slowly every. Single. Time you go to his boss room is cancer.
Trying not to get hit by Cthulhu Jones every time the door opens is cancer.
His aoe is cancer.
His move set is cancer.
The fact that he can one shot you is cancer.
His enormous healthpool in comparison to his damage output is cancer.
His second phase is stage 4 cancer.
His music...ok it’s awesome. But everything else about this fight is cancer.
best OST in FROMSOFT games