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please don't make this a siege. That's the last thing any of us would want (note I got this from Ragegamingvideos and I totally agree with Josh) and...well this may be far fetched but I predict that hes gonna be weak to water and dragon element because since dragon can also effect dragon and fire is weak to water, that's my theory of course. Because I never fought Fatalis, Well that's all i'm gonna say, I'm gonna send my review and experience with the fight after october 1st and good luck in 1 month your gonna need it :)
>rage gaming
In previous games of the series, Fatalis was weak to primarily Dragon, followed by Fire, then Ice, and finally Water and Thunder as the least effective elements. So while you are correct about Fatalis being weak to dragon, Fatalis is not at all weak to water.
Unironically calling yourself rage gaming is like making a 10:32 second SJW-fail montage video with blue-haired overweight feminists like its the goddamn year 2016.
...I don't get it. How is what you said even related to Rage gaming's name?
I hope that nirgigante comes at in the middle of the fight and attacks him that would be nice...
i wi***** would happen because he feeds off elder dragons and fatalis are an elder dragon but ill come in at the last second and slay him or not you know it would be nice to see a monster slay another monster every once
an a while even though its impossible... they should really add that to the update that would be so cool im looking forward to it so give a tumbs up on this if you think that monster should/can slay other monsters dis dude out!
Nergi can't even beat the mighty Kelbi.
Bro, is English your native language? Because, from the looks of it, your native language is "Internet".
Please, for the love of everything that is fun and holy and for Sophia best waifu. Dont put crappy DPS checks and other artificial difficulty gimmicks on Fatalis, at least let us have something nice for once Devs.
I mean, I hope they learned from community feedback. It would definitely be an improvement from a do this or you’ll die mechanic. Even if he still has an insta kill attack. You know, since he’s the most powerful monster.
I honestly hope they avoid DPS checks too. People should be able to hunt at their own pace, with the only concern besides the risk of the fight, being the quest timer.
I can smell the salty people who only say git gud as a tip for any fight already.
I'm going to eat a 6 fish platter before I fight this guy.

Kudos to anyone who got the reference.
Nice Ducktales (2017) reference, that's how we Dewey it!
i beg of you capcom don't make him a seige.... lemme fight him solo,,,,
There are so many salty, attention-starved players that say git gud to anyone that complains about sieges and DPS checks in this wiki. It's not worth putting your complaints here. You are far better off putting your Monster Hunter related complaints on Reddit or YouTube.
THANK YOU!!!!! The problem with these comment-sections is just that people can say whatever bit of toxic smut they want because no one will find out who you are anyway. Its really pathetic to just push people’s buttons just for the sake of pushing buttons. Sad, lonely individuals. Have nothing else going on.
There are so many people on this wiki that just can't take any sort of criticism about their favorite fights. Even Valstrax, Gore Magala, Gogmazios, Bloodbath Diablos, Safi'jiiva, Tigrex, Zinogre, Lagiacrus, Shara Ishvalda, Athal Ka, and Dalamadur all have negative stuff about them.

However, I will acknowledge that some people really do need to get better at the game.
The last major update.. FeelsBadMan
It is a bit sad, isn’t it? This game is soooo much fun, and Iceborne only added to the already amazing experience. It is pretty poetic for rebooted Fatalis to be the last major title update to the game. But I’m really sad that its also the end. (Not taking future unique event quests and AT’s into consideration)
Beautifully put. I could not have said it better.
Apparently this fight is going to be the most monstrous one yet.
im sad that this is the last update but at least we have monster hunter rise to l.ook forward to