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Hey, could you edit this item's description? It should be "and its frost" instead of "and it's frost". Sorry for being that guy that points out grammar errors but it kinda bugs me.


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cough cough make an account my dude cough cough


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Guess "Frostbite" Ring made to much sense? Considering EVERY Ring prior was (builduptype)bite Ring? It's even funnier that they all had bite at the end because that's the context they wanted to use and the only Ring to finally bear "Bite" as it's namesake gets a pointless name change? Then again DkS3 still has Typos and SoTFS had some for at least 2 years... What else should I expect? Triple AAA Game spelling/grammer I guess.
The bite rings are native to Carim. We know Friede is the first unkindled to enter the Painted world of Ariandel. Maybe she hails from Carim?
uhh... no, she's from londor. yuria's sister.


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This page is horribly constructed