Good fight!
Are you just waiting for people to dislike your comment or something? ‘Cause only a troll would say that.
Absolute horse cum. A lot of his***** would be much more forgivable without the random and unwarranted hyper-armor. How do you like being knocked out of your combo, half your ki eaten and most of your health taken by 2 hits? Well it's gonna happen. A lot. Plus he comes after Tokichiro (first time). THEN he revives. Not counting the dodgy grab he can pull after a teleport &the off-screen *****ery. Really, Katsuie, him and that *****ing castle just feel like the developers actually gave up & let the janitor design these unbalanced, unfun-ass bosses. I knew the clones were 1 hit kills (Ryomen Sukuna works real nicely here) but actual blasted hell.
Hold your tits there you absolute salt-lord. I can let you have your opinion about a boss if its justified, and yes, this boss is an absolute nightmare to fight. But dying is a part of these games. Its normal to die once or twice or... just alot. But at least you don’t have to fight Tokichiro again if you die. And when he revives he does so with a lot less health. Full health-bar, sure but a lot less health. As for his hyper armor? HE’S A F*CKIN’ YOKAI YOU IDIOT, AND YOKAI BOSSES DON’T FLINCH WITH EVERY ATTACK UNTIL THEIR ANIMA IS DEPLETED OR ELSE THE FIGHT WOULD BE TO EASY!!!!!!! Learn to deal with a few deaths along the way. Thats how these games work. You die, you learn and then you succeed. You really don’t have to be such an a*shole about it.
This boss is not hard you are just a bad player.
First try Katsuie, Osakabe and Kashin Koji which are all good bosses.
Find the mistakes in your playstyle.
Easy to beat with high dexterity, ninjutsu bonus, backstab damage, agility bonus, fuma ninja set, shuriken & kunai damage, mystical art for more damage with thrown weapons, about 20 magic and the mystical art for faster cast. Weakness talisman, power pills, protection talisman and use shinobi box and/or sacred brush after the tokichiro fight to get back your onmyo/ninjutsu items. Additionally you could also join the clan 'takigawa' for another 40 ninjutsu power, 100 if you reached elder position in the clan. Also using the mujina soul is really useful because of the "copy enhancement" skill on it.
Just got the crusher title (kill the boss without taking damage) for both tokichiro and kashin koji with this method!


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Can you get his staff/spear or is it not a weapon?
It isn’t. You can’t get it. Maybe in the dlc’s since they’re gonna add more weapon types in the game, so maybe then... just not now.
for the people who stuggle with this boss, try taking it slow and stay in close range from the boss. when in close range KK mostly use is staff-sword. if he do a combo (3-4 or 6 hit) block and wait then do 1 heavy attack if he use a multiple sword slashes block or dodge and then do 2 heavy. the boss have amazing hyper armor and doing combo can easily result in your death.


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I can't tell if it's just me but Kashin is insanely difficult in NG++. You can't burst counter his ice sword attack because he doesn't get the large red aura (his eyes still glow though) and he just hyper armours throughs it. I had to resort to the run around and only attack when he teleports strategy and even then he's incredibly difficult because he would nearly 1 shot me i.e 3.7k+ damage with any attack/melee combo. It gets a whole lot worse when he starts spawning more than one clone, either I'm not doing enough damage or the clones take more than 1 hit, it's really hard to get rid of them. If I'm being honest, skip this mission in NG++ or come more prepared than you ever have been because this is the real test. Nothing in NG++ has been this difficult yet, but then again, I haven't fought Otak or the DLC on NG++.